Can You See the Date You Blocked Someone on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives, allowing us to connect with our loved ones regardless of distance and time. With its user-friendly interface and features like texting and video calling, it has gained immense popularity. The familiar green logo and the notification chime have become a common sight on everyone’s phones. Moreover, WhatsApp has even made its way into the professional world, making it difficult for users to leave the platform.

However, like any other online platform, WhatsApp is not immune to risks. Unsolicited messages, strangers, and cyberbullying are constant disruptions that users may encounter. In this blog, we will address a common query: Can you see the date you blocked someone on WhatsApp? Let’s delve into this topic and find out everything you need to know.

Can You See the Date You Blocked Someone on WhatsApp?

The answer is simple: No, WhatsApp does not provide a built-in feature to view the precise date you blocked someone. The block function is designed to be discreet, ensuring that others are unaware of the action taken. If you are interested in keeping track of the dates you blocked someone, you will need to remember or write down the information. Alternatively, you can unblock and then block the person again to create a new timestamp. Unfortunately, there is no other way to access this information within the app.

To block someone on WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and navigate to the chat of the person you want to block.
  2. Tap on the chat to open it.
  3. Click on the three vertical dots icon at the top right corner of the chat.
  4. Select “More” from the menu list.
  5. Choose the “Block” option.
  6. Confirm your action by tapping on the block option.

Block (username)

Blocked contact cannot call or send you messages. This contact will not be notified.

It’s worth mentioning that you also have the option to report a contact, which will forward the last five messages exchanged with that person to WhatsApp for review.

Ways to Know Someone Has Blocked You on WhatsApp

While WhatsApp keeps the information about who has blocked you confidential, there are subtle indicators that may help you determine if someone has blocked you. Here are a few signs to look out for:

1. Last Seen Status Disappears

If someone’s last seen status suddenly vanishes, it could be an indication that the person has blocked you. However, it’s important to consider other factors before jumping to conclusions. Some users disable their last seen status intentionally by adjusting their privacy settings, which may explain why you can’t view it immediately.

2. No Profile Photo or Story Updates

If you notice that a contact’s profile photo or their updates in the “Stories” section have disappeared, it could be another sign that you’ve been blocked. When someone blocks you on WhatsApp, their profile photo and status updates become invisible to you. However, it’s also possible that the person simply changed their photo or stopped updating their status.

3. Inability to Make Calls or Send Messages

When you’re blocked by someone on WhatsApp, you won’t be able to make calls or send messages to that person. If you try to call, the call will fail, and if you send a message, it will remain undelivered with only a single tick mark indicating that it hasn’t been sent.

4. No Updates in Group Chats

If you’re part of a group chat where the person who potentially blocked you is also a member, pay attention to any lack of updates from their side. If their messages, profile photo, or status updates are not visible in the group, it could be a sign that they have blocked you.

5. No Changes in Their Online Status

When someone blocks you, their online status will remain unchanged for you. You won’t be able to see if they are currently online or when they were last online. This absence of online activity could indicate that they have blocked you.

6. Unable to Add Them to a Group

If you try to add someone to a group chat but their name doesn’t appear in the list of contacts, it may suggest that they have blocked you. However, it’s essential to consider other possibilities, such as changes in their privacy settings or network connectivity issues.

7. No Blue Ticks on Sent Messages

WhatsApp uses blue ticks to indicate that a message has been read by the recipient. If your messages to a particular contact only have a single gray tick, it means they haven’t been delivered. This could be a sign that the person has blocked you.

It’s important to note that these indicators are not foolproof, and each one can have alternative explanations. WhatsApp intentionally keeps the concept of blocking confidential to respect users’ privacy. Therefore, it is advisable to consider multiple signs and analyze the overall behavior of the contact before concluding that you’ve been blocked.

In conclusion, WhatsApp does not provide a feature to view the exact date you blocked someone. It is important to be aware of the signs that someone has blocked you, but it’s equally important to consider other factors and avoid jumping to conclusions. Remember to respect other people’s privacy and use WhatsApp responsibly.

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